Lourdes Elementary                                 Principal                          

Box 70                                                  Mr. Anthony Derrah     

Lourdes, NL


709-642-5822 (p)                                      Vice Principal

709-642-5811 (p)                                   Ms. Nancy Caines

709-642-5442 (f)


Daily Schedule






Arrival 8:20

Homeroom 8:35-8:40

Period 1 8:40-9:40

Period 2 9:40-10:40

Recess 10:40-10:55

Period 3 10:55-11:55

Lunch 11:55-12:35

Period 4 12:35-1:35

Period 5 1:35-2:35

Dismissal 2:35

Congratulations, Nessa!


Nessa participated in the Participation Nation Cross Country Running races in Kippens.  She finished 1st in her age group.  Way to go, Nessa!




          Goal Getters


Here at Lourdes Elementary we celebrate student academic success daily. Monthly, we have students nominated due to their academic success.  Students can become a “Goal Getter” by showing improvements in their academics, working to their fullest potential in class, and so much more.

Primary Goal Getter

Nessa Nichol

Nessa is a pleasant child in class. She gets along well with her peers and teachers. She is very attentive during instruction and applies herself when work is assigned. Nessa’s writing has shown improvement over the past two months. She works hard at her writing and is becoming more confident with her writing skills. Nessa, continue to put this great effort in all of your studies. 

Junior High Goal Getter

Georgia Hinks

Georgia Hinks is very responsible and motivated inside and outside of the classroom. Her dedication to her school work does not go unnoticed and she always puts in her best effort!  Georgia is an active volunteer in the school and always helps her teachers with odd jobs. Keep up the fantastic work!

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